Garagashli Broiler OJSC is one of the leading poultry enterprises in Azerbaijan. Thanks to the quality of halal poultry products manufactured and sold under the “ŞƏFA” trademark, the company has achieved customer satisfaction. Our production areas, located in Neftchala and Salyan districts, include a veterinary and biodiversity division, a breeding and egg-laying site, an incubation site, a feed plant, a broiler feeding site, a cutting and packing division, a rendering factory (recycling) and finished product warehouses. Besides, our sales centers and brand stores in Baku and districts provide services to our clients.

Veterinary and biodiversity division

The veterinary and biodiversity division is universal and consists of a test laboratory, an observation section, an examination laboratory and a quality control section. It has all opportunity to conduct the necessary tests and examinations at all stages of production. As in other areas, this department has professional and experienced staff. Modern equipment and devices are used for conducting examinations.

Breeding and egg-laying site

It consists of 3 breeding and 8 egg-laying barns. This site is equipped with the latest technological devices produced by the world's leading companies, which has created conditions for the production of high-quality breeding eggs. There is also a refrigerated warehouse that meets modern requirements to ensure the safety of the manufactured product in terms of quality and biodiversity.

Incubation site

The incubation site is designed with the latest technological equipment. There is also a modern vaccination facility and a laboratory to ensure product health. The one-day-old chick produced has the necessary health indicators to achieve a productive result. There are all the necessary conditions for obtaining a quality product, and the volume of production not only meets our domestic demand, but is also able to offer products to other consumers.

Feed plant

The pelleted feed used in the feeding of farmed birds is provided by the company’s feed plant with a production capacity of 10 tons per hour. Only naturally grown raw materials – corn, wheat, soybeans, etc. – are used for feed production. The plant is designed with the most modern equipment, and the entire workflow is fully automated. There are special storage silos for the necessary raw materials and finished feed products. At the same time, it is equipped with all the necessary laboratory devices for quality control of finished and raw feed products.

Broiler feeding site

In the broiler feeding site, there are modern broiler barns that have been reconstructed in recent years. The equipment installed here provides natural breeding of healthy and standard birds. Each of barns is fully protected in terms of biodiversity.

Slaughtering and packing division

The slaughtering and packaging division is as automated as possible, built on the principle of maintaining the hygienic purity of products and minimizing human contact. Halal standards are adhered to at the highest level in the cutting and packaging process. For this, a control mechanism is available from the beginning to the end of the production process. It is equipped with an air chiller that protects the quality and natural taste of products. Only specially-examined food items are used in product packaging.

Rendering (recycling) factory

The rendering (recycling) factory reduced the environmental impact of waste and prevents environmental pollution during the production process. For this purpose, the factory is well-equipped, with automated processing.

Finished product warehouse

The finished product warehouse has all the necessary conditions for storing, placing and transporting daily manufactured products. The warehouse operation is based on the principle of maintaining the temperature of the cold chain, and control over its observance is carried out through an automated system. Observing the peculiarities of storage of manufactured products, each of its assortments was provided with a placement area. The warehouse conditions allow storing high quality products for a long time.

Sales centers

Our company aims to provide our products to consumers based on the principle of customer satisfaction. The methods and equipment used in the sales process to ensure customer satisfaction and sustainability meet the latest standards. An appropriate working mode is ensured to deliver products to customers in accordance with quality, safety and hygiene requirements. The sales staff have specialized knowledge and skills, and the company conducts regular training to improve their professionalism. The sales service covers all regions of our republic. 

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