About us

Company history

Garagashli Broiler OJSC is one of the leading poultry enterprises in Azerbaijan. Thanks to the quality of halal poultry products manufactured and sold under the “ŞƏFA” trademark, the company has achieved customer satisfaction. Garagashli Broiler OJSC was founded in 2004, its all areas have been overhauled and repaired.New modern equipment has been gradually installed in the production areas.

Our production areas, located in Neftchala and Salyan districts, include a veterinary and biodiversity division, a breeding and egg-laying site, an incubation site, a feed plant, a broiler feeding site, a slaughtering and packing division, a rendering factory (recycling) and finished product warehouses. In addition, our sales centers and brand stores in Baku and districts provide services to our customers.

Our mission 

We are pleased to serve you under the motto “Raised With Care”.

Our goal

Our main goal is to continue maintaining our leading position in the market by producing halal and quality chicken meat. We also aim to meet the demand for poultry in the domestic market and to contribute to the strengthening of the country’s economy. Each of our employees does everything possible to achieve this goal.

Today, the leadership of Azerbaijan pays great attention to the development of entrepreneurship in the country. The state provides all kinds of support to entrepreneurs for their successful and efficient activities.

Along with other areas, the poultry sector is rapidly developing in our country. The goal of Garagashli Broiler OJSC is to gain a foothold in the market as a leading company specialized in the field of food and to justify our customers’ trust.

Heydar Asgarov Director

Certificates and awards